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Brain MEMORY Bar - Remember the Good Old Days?

Blackcurrant & juniper. But people say it tastes like gin. 🥃🤨 'Dunno. But this is one of our own favorites - we certainly do know that! 😊💜 

Your mouth immediately turns into a pool of saliva 🏊 when about 2 grams of freeze-dried blackcurrant (that's like a tablespoon of completely dry berries 🥄) reach your sour-detecting taste-buds. But when you add date-sweetness + some natural H-oily-ness 👸 of hemp, almonds and flax, the overall result is a sweet&sour bar with a scent of gin (eeem, I mean juniper 😇). A true classic for the Northern sense of taste 💙❄ and a reliable option for everybudd-y 😋👍


The Brain loves 🧠💜 this bar because of the ancient Indian herb Bacopa (somehow feels like saying 'raka-maka-foun' from "Freestyler") or Brahmi (now, interesting that in Sanskrit 'brahm-an' means the Source and the Goal of All Existence🤓) It's almost like your Brain was born to eat Brahmi. 😏🧠🌿 

Brahmi is used to improve learning skills and memory, while also used for treating Alzheimer's or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), though, still sufficient research has to be done to make it 100 % sure (one of the cases when modern science is catching-up to the traditional medicine 🥱).

Choline sets the stage to reduce fatigue and improve memory-retention. Choline is used in many reactions in the body and plays an important role in the nervous system by improving the connections and signalling between neurons. As choline acts the same way like the B-vitamins, often it is referred to as vitamin B4

Juniper? Well, juniper berries are a natural antiseptic that cleanse the digestive tract. They give the bar a great & aromatic scent. 😇

If we continue a bit on the brahmi-spiritual-path 🧝‍♀🧙‍♂, juniper incense was used by ancients for energetic cleansing. Like, the juniper twigs smell so beautiful 😍, you actually don't need to whiff 'em 🔥 (if you don't believe me - visit the Island of Saaremaa in Estonia and find out for yourself 😛 Juniper grows like grass there).


(🥱 Bla-bla-bla-a strong closing sentence that pursues you that this is the best bar for you Brain 🧠💜 out there 🌍. And then a copy-paste sentence from above 👇)

Brain MEMORY bar is a true classic for the Northern sense of taste 💙❄ and a reliable option for everybudd-y 😋👍


Thanks & Still Lovin' It 💜

Karlis from [galvenais]

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