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Brain ENERGY Bar -Does It Really Work From a Science Perspective? 🧐🤔

The physiological and functional effect of Brain ENERGY Bar on the human brain was the main topic for two young scientists from the University of Latvia, Department of Human Physiology, to write their Bachelor's thesis on. We were as much excited as they when we heard the final results, to say the least. And now we are very happy to share them with you. 🙂✌️🧠

O.Sitcihina studied the effect of Brain ENERGY Bar (BEB) on brain wave activity in different regions of the brain, while M.Balodis used a computerized cognitive test battery with which he tested the students' improvement of certain cognitive abilities after consuming BEB. 🍫😋

Now, let's dive deeper into one of the experiments and the obtained results. 😉👇

The study Immediate Effect of Brain ENERGY Bar on Electroencephalogram Parameters, carried out by O.Sitcihina, started with an initial brain electroencephalogram test to 3 students (ages 19-23). Twenty-two electrodes were put on the test subjects' heads (according to the 10-20 system in EEG) that each showed the difference of electric potential on the skin between the actual position and an indifferent (a.k.a. neutral) place on the head, like the earlobes. 👂😊

Immediately after the initial EEG the students were treated with a BEB and one-and-a-half hours later they returned for second EEG check-up. Below you can see a before and after image of brainwave activity in different regions of the brain for the 3 students:

brain energy bar EEG ginkgo caffeine theanine


With these results the study concluded that BEB consumption leads to increased alfa-brainwave activity in the parieto-occipital region by 79.9 % (+/- 35.1 %) even though the 3rd student showed a significantly lower alfa brainwave activity than both other students. An increase in alfa-brainwave activity is asociated with a relaxed, yet focused mental state and overall mental satisfaction. 😊

In other studies the nootropic ingredients of BEB - Ginkgo biloba and L-Theanine - both promote a relaxed mental state while caffeine shows an increased focus and, actually, a decreased alfa-brainwave activity. As seen from this study, such a combination of Ginkgo biloba, L-Theanine and caffeine still increases the alfa-brainwave activity in the parieto-occipital region and leads to a calm and focused mental state.

Try it out yourself. Your Brain will be grateful. 😉👌

P.S. Access the full thesis study here

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