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the noise in your head distracts you from life

if you talk all the time you cannot hear what anyone else has to say - quote by Alan Watts on galvenais brainfood brain health longevity memory energy supplement bars

If you talk all the time, you cannot hear what anyone else has to say

Well, that's quite logical, isn't it?! If there is noise coming out from your mouth, you cannot hear what anyone else is saying to you. Easy.

But have you looked at the "noise" that is in your mind? Have you looked at the noise in your mind that is constantly talking and thinking and answering things for you? And do you think that noise helps you to hear what the other is actually telling you? 

If you are thinking all the time, you cannot think anything else but your thoughts. The channel is already taken, there is no way you can think something else, there is no way someone else can share an idea to make you think differently. Because the channel is taken.

The other might shift your thinking to a different subject or problem, but the perception will be of the same kind. If you had a negative mindset thinking about a situation when someone proposes you to think about the future, it is very likely that you will see your future  with the same perception, in that same color.

I bet there are scientific studies about this. If not - then there should be. But I know this to be true from my life. The only solution - to become more and more aware what state and mindset are you operating from during the day.

Are you in a positive/ calm/ happy state?

Or are we in a sad/ depressed/ fearful/ jealous state?

You are allowed to operate from a negative and suffering state. But be aware that your state influences all your actions and mindsets afterwards.

The smallest details have the most major influence on your life. Try it.

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