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As 'ZEN' as a bar from Europe can be 🧘‍♀🔰 this baby (yes, we really treat our bars with love - like our babies 👶💚) makes our Japanese friends 🎎 redeem the quality matcha tea now packaged in a super-fancy and extra-Brain-friendly bar 🧠🤓 ('arigato' 🙇‍♂️ to all the matcha-growers out there 😊).

Algae? Yes, algae is THE source to get your long-chain omega-3s from and that's why we've added it to the LONGEVITY formula. DHA is the most valuable fatty-acid 💎 and the building material of your Brain (read more about it here 😉), so this bar is a great DHA-source option for vegans 💚🌱🧠.

Matcha is a powerful source of antioxidants and catechins. Also, it is a valuable source of chlorophyll which is higher than any other green tea. Like, plants are naturally smart and people who know it, use it. 😉 When a plant is put in a darker place where there is not so much light, the plant senses and 'understands' that (science paragraph coming up next 👇)

To maintain the amount of photosynthesis necessary for existence and thriving, the plant changes the the chlorophyll-a and chlorophyll-b amount and proportions in the tissue (there are 2 types of chlorophyll; one works more efficiently in light, the other in shade). As a result, if you know that plants react to a change in lighting conditions, you can get a darker or a lighter shade of green tea (or any other plant really) by exposing it to more light or shade in the upcoming days before harvest. 🙂👌

In matcha's case - the tea plants are grown in shady conditions up to 30 days before harvesting. This procedure gives matcha tea a higher amount of chlorophyll, which gives it the rich and quite specific algae-kinda taste that you wouldn't notice in any other green tea.

To this (fishy-tasting? 🤔🐟 ) combination we've added choline which is an essential nutrient required to make acetylcholine - an important neurotransmitter which is primarily involved in memory, brain functioning and muscle movement (talk about LONGEVITY, right? 😉).  

It's the sour-est of 'em all. Like, add fruit-sweetness + choline to the peculiar algae-kinda taste of matcha and DHA, and you pretty much get the taste of extra Days of Happiness and Joy to your Life 💛💪🗻 (LONGEVITY all the way, baby 🤟🌷)


Thanks, Japan 🙏🌞

We Love you too ❤️🤍


Karlis from [galvenais]



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