The Story. How it All Began. 💚

It was in 2018 when two guys studying biology and coming together to develop a snack bar that would help them concentrate during lectures. Using the knowledge of different plant properties and the biochemistry processes of certain ingredients we just had learned in our studies, we simply started to mix and test our first recipe. With the 43rd attempt (or it could've been the 44th, I don't remember that precisely) we had found the one which today is labelled as the Brain Energy Bar.
Very soon we found that lectures were not the only time when we could improve our productivity. Very valuable to us was the time we spent resting - we wanted to sleep as little as possible but still to be sharp and top performance during the day. A sort of efficient sleeping was necessary. So we developed the Brain Relaxing Bar. This time we had it perfected with the 12th attempt already. :)


And some 6 months later Life had prepared another challenge. For one of us it meant saying "Goodbye", but for the other it meant digging deeper into the true "Why?" we both had actually started this thing in the first place.

The idea of simply making lecture-snacks was not enough. Like, there just had to be a more meaning to what we had started. There was WAY more good we could do (as I was alone from now on, I could've said just 'me').
And again - some months later the true meaning was clear. Whatever we do and whatever way we want to improve, grow and ascend in our lives - it ALWAYS involves the processes in the BRAIN. By supporting our Brain and helping it work properly, we can improve faster. :) So, Brain became the most important organ. Yes.

It simply came natural that 3 other flavors and 'functions' were developed-
-the savoury Brain Focus Bar with guarana,
-the blackcurrant & brahmi-powered Brain Memory Bar, and
-the matcha & omega-3-infused Brain Longevity Bar.

All clean label. 🤍
All vegan. 🍀
All no added sugar.  👌
All EFSA registered food supplements. 🏅

(oh yes, and I continue my master's studies in Nutritional Sciences. That's kinda natural too) 🤓

The story of Brain Functional Bars. 🧠🍫 To be continued.. 🚀


See you around,

Karlis ✌️😉
@ [galvenais]

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